Agile Learning in Continuing Education – Structures and Materials


With the "Agile Learning" concept, competences required in a company are acquired in the processing of real-life problems from the learner’s own field of work. This means self-directed learning of teams in short stages, supported by coaches and reviewed by a “project owner”. There are already experiences from 4 different companies with this new learning concept. Characteristics are:

  • Learning new skills in the work process: no transfer losses
  • Real projects, real work, no training simulation: no loss of time.
  • Collegial consulting and reflection in the team: no loss of experience

After a short introduction into the learning concept, two methods to support agile learning projects will be discussed:

  1. The learning card format
  2. Enhancements of the Kanban principle

These methods are not only suitable for use in companies, but also for project-based teaching methods at universities.


Longmuß, J., & Höhne, B. (2019). Varietas delectat… Complexity is the new normality. In SEFI 2019 · SEFI 47th Annual Conference (pp. 726–734). Budapest, Hungary; SEFI.


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