Future proof

For all of us, sustainability, understood as sustainability for the individual and society as a whole, is a combination of economic, ecological and social issues and perspectives.

We face problems with a holistic view and thus in the consideration of all integrative aspects such as people – process – culture and environment.

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Discover, accompany, strengthen

We help our clients to discover their potential in the field of sustainability and accompany all processes from the initial idea to implementation and evaluation.

Through the purposeful development of structure, expertise and cooperation, we strengthen innovations and ensure future success with our customers.

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Participate, co-create

As a cooperative, association and think tank, we offer motivated colleagues the opportunity to collaborate with us at any time.

Interested people are invited to contact us for a personal conversation.

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About Sustainum

As an independent institute, we have been providing consulting and research services to companies from numerous industries, non-profit organizations and public institutions for more than 10 years. We are proud of our multidisciplinary team of experienced business coaches, scientists and practitioners. We are supported by our network of energy consultants, moderators, lecturers, software developers and technicians.

As a private-sector corporation, we offer consulting services for business and local authorities. Our non-profit association concentrates on science and research. SUSTAINUM designs the related innovation, organisation and communication processes and advises social, political and economic actors on their way to action oriented towards sustainability.

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