Carbon Counting

The reporting and evaluation of environmental indicators and data is becoming an important instrument for the identification and communication of environmental measures. This enables the identification of potential emission saving along the value chain and the development of optimization strategies. On the other hand, the communication of emissions and environmental management strategies is increasingly used for standardizing obligations in the context of CSR and environmental reporting.

Furthermore signalling the environmental and climate compatibility of your products and services to stakeholders with ecological selection options (consumers, partners in the value chain, public contracts et al.) not least ensures competitive advantages in an increasingly environmentally conscious market environment.

Your benefit

  • Standard-compliant presentation of your climate footprints for products, services or buildings
  • Compliance with information obligations for audits, CSR reporting requirements, energy and environmental management systems
  • Verified environmental data for marketing and public relation
  • Explore your potential for operational improvements and savings
  • Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions for the compensation through emission certificates