Consulting on Innovative Concepts of Education and Training Internationally

Work- and employment-oriented education is one of the current major challenges for developing and emerging countries. International cooperation in vocational education and training has experienced a new upswing in the second decade of the 21st century and is of increased priority, especially for developing and emerging countries. For example, the number of young people leaving secondary schools is usually very high in these countries; however, the opportunities to follow a direct educational path to university studies after leaving school are rather low. In addition, the economy in developing and emerging countries is dependent on a qualified workforce in order to be able to compete internationally with its products and services.

Successful vocational education and training in developing and emerging countries should not be reduced to facilitating successful placement in work and employment; rather, as a component of education in adolescence, it should support positive personality development and the successful assumption of social roles, thus contributing to the cohesion and integration of societies. This combination of gainful employment qualification and social participation is a major challenge of modern vocational education that has not yet been solved.

We offer our consulting services for these challenges, which are committed to the principle of cooperation at eye level, which develop new and innovative concepts together with the experts on site, and which leave the usual path of "Western know-it-all" and are willing to enter new territory.

In doing so, we bring our diverse experiences, our analytical tools and our extensive knowledge to bear for innovative education and training that contributes to a successful, positive shaping of the world.