Agile Learning for vocationally trained expert workers

Expanding workplace-based learning one sprint at a time.


Ever increasing automation and virtualisation are two interconnected prevalent processes in today’s work-life. Consequently, requirements for all occupational groups change and necessary competence profiles shift rapidly within companies. Company leaders as well as the workforce see this change as an opportunity and experienced and skilled employees are needed more than ever for jobs which formally require an academic education. However, so far learning methods and career paths are missing which would allow to acquire the necessary competencies at an academic level as well as within company lines at the same time.

Classical training frameworks (e.g. seminars) and educational programs (e.g. bachelor degrees) are usually not tailored for the changing needs of their participants. Thus, we propose the concept of Agile Learning, as a workplace-oriented, problem-based framework for competence development embedded in company structures. Two agile learning projects were implemented at different levels in two major companies. Topics ranged from cross-cutting issues to specific technical subjects. Results, best practices, and evaluation outcomes will be presented in this paper as well as a discussion of restrictions and the remaining challenges of the model.


Longmuß, J., & Höhne, B. P. (2017). Agile learning for vocationally trained expert workers. Expanding workplace-based learning one sprint at a time. Procedia Manufacturing9, 262-268.


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