VR REPAIR – Mixed Reality for Continuing Education

The SUSTAINUM Institute is a partner in a lighthouse project to set up a mixed reality learning space in Ain Sokhna, Egypt. Together with the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and the TECC Centre of Siemens Energy Global as well as the partner companies Ehrler Prüftechnik and OT Oberflächentechnik, pilot projects are being implemented in an international cluster. Here we are testing mixed reality applications for the sustainable further training of skilled workers.


The energy sector is a steadily growing field of application for the know-how of German companies abroad. For maintenance, servicing and repair, there is an urgent need for German companies to have higher-value activities carried out by skilled workers on site. This would save travel by German service personnel or the transport of workpieces between locations and thus enable considerable savings in CO2, among other things.

The Task

In global economic cooperation, demand-oriented, virtualised skills development for local skilled workers is becoming an important factor. In order to realise the qualification of local skilled personnel, workplace-based, modular learning scenarios are therefore to be developed and tested in both a virtual and a real learning space. This gives the cluster project a lighthouse character for sustainable, workplace-based skilled labour development and digitalisation.


  • Establishment of an inter-company mixed reality learning space at the Egypt Service Center (ESC) in Ain Sokhna / Egypt with an adapted qualification concept for the education and training sector in Egypt.
  • Through a demand-driven combination of virtual and real modules in the didactics of agile learning, an immediately applicable and problem-oriented competence development for skilled workers on site is to be made possible.
  • The ESC will be available to other SMEs and can be used for skills development by SMEs throughout the region.