Green Growth

Green Growth Competences to Face the Circular Economy Challenge in the Building Sector

The building sector plays a big role in achieving Europes ambition of climate neutrality by 2050, since this sector is responsible for over 35% of the EU’s total waste generation (Eurostat, 2016).The Circular Economy Action plan (march 2020) identifies construction and buildings as key product value chains for circular economy and supports measures which will deeply impact skills and competences needed in the sector. It will be especially at the demolition stage- during dismantling, reuse, recovery or disposal of building materials (ECSO, 2017).

How to deliver this needed training? On the one hand, transversal learning outcomes are becoming increasingly important (Cedefop, 2020) and Europe endorses the modernisation of VET, by the uptake of innovative approaches and digital technologies for teaching and learning and favouring professional development of VET teachers, trainers and mentors in both training centres and work-based settings (New Skills Agenda, 2016).


Green Growth aims to reduce the contribution of the building sector to CO2 emissions by implementing different strategies to reinforce circular economy as a transversal skill in the construction VET training sphere

  • To raise awareness and the holistic importance of building with circular principles to trainers in construction, workers, companies VET training centers.
  • To boost specialized “green” VET training tools in construction, making the sector more attractive and accelerating its transition to a circular economy.
  • To strengthen the capacity of VET centres to adopt a Circular Economy holistic approach and implement it in their workshop delivery .
  • To respond to current emerging skill needs of the construction sector concerning the reuse and recycling of materials and waste management, affecting blue collar workers and SME specialized in renovation works.
  • To improve opportunities for integration into the “green” labour market and create career opportunities for blue collar construction workers and SME.
  • To empower cooperation between educational institutions and business, as a result tailoring and sharing training solutions between both worlds.

Target groups and activities

The project will address mainly four target groups:

  1. Trainers in construction and other staff involved in the delivering of training (managers, etc)
  2. Construction workers
  3. Construction companies
  4. VET centers

A number of activities will be carried out to achieve the projects objectives and to contribute to the adoption of a circular economy scheme in the construction VET sector:

  • Handbook for VET trainers in construction: Circular Economy in practice
  • MOOC: circular economy competences for construction VET trainers
  • App: implementing circular economy in building renovation works
  • Roadmap for a circular approach in construction training delivery

The partnership

This project is coordinated by

Fundación Laboral de la Construcción (Spain)

Partners are, together with Sustainum:

The project results

You can access all the results of Green Growth, through this link: