Ethiopean / German Cooperation in the Textile Sector

The EDUTEX-Project brings together experts from Ethiopia and Germany to improve training and practice in the textile sector.

Ethiopia has a booming textile industry. However, safe and sustainable production conditions are not yet standard in many companies. The EDUTEX project focuses on capacity building for experts from the Ethiopian textile industry with increased cooperation between partners in Africa and Europe.

The project partners

The project is coordinated by the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and works together with Mekelle University, various textile companies from Germany and Ethiopia, and prospectively with other university partners in Ethiopia to improve practical university education for the textile sector in Ethiopia.

The role of Sustainum

Sustainum Institute was selected as the digital support system provider during the course of the project, offering the project access to our PILE system to improve both internal project communication and collaboration, as well as to provide digital support for project management.

In addition, the Sustainum Institute has been able to support the EDUTEX project with its expertise in international collaboration, learning didactics and digital literacy in various assignments. For example, international surveys were conducted for the project, a modern concept for digitally supported learning didactics for regions with low internet access was developed, and a digital workshop was organised, streamed and prepared for asynchronous re-use.