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PILES – Project-Integrated Learning System

Competence development for agile learning projects

The Piles platform has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of modern learning and working environments, with the aim of integrating learning and working and supporting this process from the technical side. Such environments require learning structures that are characterised by:

  • High scalability to make qualification measures possible in very different scales, from a few hours to several hundred;
  • Adaptability in terms of content, in order to be able to take up new specialist topics as quickly as possible and not to be tied down to a fixed canon of topics;
  • Structural connectivity to already established process models, organisational structures and existing software infrastructure in order to minimise transfer losses.

SUSTAINUM is currently the only provider to offer a modular software package in the form of piles that meets the requirements of this new learning and working world. The software was developed on the basis of SUSTAINUM’s many years of experience with agile approaches – especially agile learning – and is continuously improved and

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Piles modules – Tailored for your learning and work projects

Based on a platform architecture, five modules are offered that provide the most important functionalities for accompanying learning and work projects.

The HUB module offers a project landing page with basic DSGVO-compliant portal functionality, data analytics and SEO optimisation. The HUB offers a quick overview of current dates and messages, as well as the possibility to implement a project blog.
A lightweight digital Kanban solution optimised for use in working and learning projects: Structuring by stages and stories, upload of documents, task-specific comment function, assignment of responsibilities for tasks and to-dos.

This creates a quick overview and distribution of tasks and anchors a parallel organisation of work and learning tasks visually and organisationally. Project management, task coordination and learning management can be organised via the KANBAN module.

The COLLAB module enables the task-oriented exchange of files and communication with team members who are currently working on related topics. The application provides a low-threshold, project-specific platform for reaching agreements and jointly editing documents. The COLLAB module can be used as a messenger, for file exchange and as a notification system and is closely interlinked with the KANBAN module.
In the LEARN module, demand-oriented self-learning materials can be provided, which are structured according to occasions and achievable results. These so-called „learning cards“ are self-contained and can be integrated as modular units in different projects according to the occasion (via the KANBAN module). In addition, a more comprehensive learning management system based on Moodle can be integrated if required.
In the SURVEY module, individual and/or team-based competence profiles can be created for project members on the basis of a constantly growing competence portfolio.
Users can control their own learning paths with the help of actual and target profiles, as well as create a competence development profile through the possibility of self-assessments and assessments by others. In addition, individualised questionnaires can be created in the SURVEY module if required.

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